Meet Dana Wayne

INSPIRATION:  I grew up listening to my father read to me from a stack of westerns he kept by his chair. I was fascinated by words that painted such a vivid picture in my mind. That's when I fell in love with words and knew that I would become a writer.

WRITING:  I love to write! I'm a "pantster"—I write by the seat of my pants. I don't outline or plot—I get an idea, and I just write until the words stop. My stories are full of emotion because I believe true romance is about emotion, not sex. Yes, that's part of it, but romance is a journey, not a destination. And I like some suspense and some humor along the way. 

ROMANCE:  I have always been a die-hard romantic! I've been married to my best friend for over 40 years, so maybe it's his unfailing love and support that nourishes this trait. 

COOKING:  I love to cook and to entertain family and friends. Sometimes I taste something new, and I try to figure out what's in it and experiment with recreating it at home. Some experiments are less than successful, but sometimes, I nail it! The recipes I post on my blog are ones I have created myself, and I'm so excited about my new cookbook! 

CREATIVITY:  Life is a creative journey. Sometimes my creativity is expressed through my writing, sometimes, through cooking, and sometimes through crafting beautiful items, mostly for Christmas. My mother was an amazing artist, although she didn't discover her talent until after she retired. She painted and made beautiful tabletop Christmas trees. Most were donated to her church for the annual Christmas bazaar or to shut-ins, but she also made themed trees for special orders. I started helping her as her eyesight began to fade, and I loved it so much that I continue to make the trees as well as centerpieces, wall hangings, and other pieces. 



Dana Wayne--"It's All About the Romance!"

Meet award-winning author Dana Wayne!

Meet Dana Wayne

Dana loves meeting readers at book signings, readings and events! 

You'll enjoy Dana Wayne's stories even more after you have met the storyteller in person. When you meet Dana, you can get an autographed copy of her books (also available here) and purchase her new cookbook, available only on her website or in person from Dana Wayne. 

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